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Dream: Forgotten friends, megafauna and Mickey Mouse

Dream 1-24-2011

I found myself in a convenience store, dressed in fieldworkgarb, helping the Virginia District Manager install equipment. The manager and the food manager constantly bickered over the placement of the food warmer. Our guy and the employees wanted it to block the food manager from customers, because he was unbearably gross and hurt appetites.
He had a routine of going into the back and returning to the front, face and hands and arms coated and dripping with off-color bodily fluids and solids. Once up front, he would proceed to make sandwiches, while the female employees gagged and vomited.

I began to grow weary of all this, so I took off my belt and gave it to the manager, as I no longer needed it. I left the store, carrying along two Playstation controllers. When I emerged outside, I was surprised to find myself in Paris, KY, my hometown.

I passed a bench in front of the FIRST!!!! Baptist Church and two girls shouted , “There he is! There he is!”

Yes I is.

Instead of going around town to get home, I crossed through the Church parking lot and then through the grounds of Paris Elementary and High School. From afar, the campus looked barren, but hundreds of students suddenly appeared once I stepped on the sidewalk. My legs stiffened, turned to marble, so I had to drop the video game controllers and manually lift and drop my legs to progress along. All the while, shrieking elementary kids pushed and ridiculed me.

I turned a corner, escaping the horde and bumped into an old friend.

“You think you’re better than me,” he said. “You never visit me and my girlfriend.”

“I’m sorry. I just like being alone.”

“Whatever. Go that way,” he said, staring at the grass and pointing ahead to what looked like a corral.

I wanted to go home, but I had no idea how to get there. So I went in his pointed direction, walking through the corral under a low doorway into a darkened kitchen. The kitchen staff all had long beards like ZZ Top. I passed through into a brightly lit alley that ran between low buildings and emptied into a vast meadow. In the meadow, an immense roar startled me.

The brother of a fellow student from high school rode up on the back of a gigantic alligator. He stopped the monstrous animal a few feet from me; its curved teeth towered over my head. He looked at me and yelled, taking his hat off and waving it in the air.

I had no response.

The ground shook and his brother approached from the opposite direction on the fin of a tremendous shark. The shark was even more huge than the alligator and glided on the ground as if it was ice. He called out my name and I saw that he was regressing in age by the moment until he was as I remembered from pre-school. Then he took his hat off and turned into Mickey Mouse.

“Hello Todd! It’s Mickey Mouse!”

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Erin said...

I love the part when you took your belt off and left! Must have been a 201 recall..this is wild!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Todd! I really love your Writing and your dreams are amazing! Don't know how that's all connected but there seems to be some good reasons for our dreams! I dream of Paris, quite a bit. Usually its dark on that Street where the Church is. Love you, keep sharing your gift!! funny, the number to prove I'm not a robot is the Paris area code. : ) Yvette