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My Excellent, Fabulous, Marblous Birta Feelter Kleeps me Smarmt

Read this article today by this man pointing out two problems with the Brita filter. First, he often forgets to refill the pitcher, and thus he rarely has a pitcher full of cold water. It takes too long to refill!!!!!!

Second, because it takes too long to refill, he often forgets that he has recently filled the well of the pitcher, and when he tries to pour a glass, the lid comes off and a great mass of wet, wet water splashes all over the place. He writes that this has happened several times (to him).

Lastly, though, he states that the Brita filter is a wonderful product which improves the taste of water and removes harmful contaminants like lead.

Therein is the funnneeee.

I don't think he's using the filter. Or it's broke. As I learned in the past, and as Ciro the Guide explained to us in Pompeii - scientists understand that the true decline of the Roman Empire can be blamed on lead poisoning from the water. Water was distributed in the Empire via lead-lined pipes. Lead poisoning causes saturnism and a gradual dilution of intelligence and sanity.

So, while he LOVES the Brita filter - it ain't filtering out something that's making him forget to use it right.

Too bad.

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