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Seven sentences.

Seven sentences for creative exercise. These vocabulary words are from a 7th grade list.

1. Abnormal

Willy laughed when Sister Flowerpot said his fireball poops were abnormal, when she said they were ruining the school pipes and burning the plumbers; Willy laughed and did not stop.

2. Browse

It took Magdalene 40 days to browse through the menu before she finally made a choice, yet by then her starving girlfriends had eaten everything but her head, and she was angry she had no room for dessert.

3. Counterfeit

Even for a crushing professional like Boomsquat, distinguishing the counterfeit screams from the real ones was not always easy, so he merely bit down on them a little harder to discover the genuine agony.

4. Dismantle

They dismantled the Sun, and found only darkness in all of its parts.

5. Fruitless

Passage through the raven canal proved fruitless, as the troop lost most of their members to scrabblers in the gutters, and when they approached what was thought to be the exit, it was naught but a blue hum that filled their ears and eyes until no space was left.

6. Geography

The geography of his happiness contained islands which he continually forgot, yet each time he landed on one of these hidden spots, gratitude surged up within his chest, and he wept, and seeing his world through these tears transformed him once again.

7. Hospitable

Gary didn’t think the villagers were being very hospitable when they ripped off his clothes, dressed him in a bridal gown, tied him to the stone barricade, and said he was the new bride of the Fen Wyrm.

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